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Paid internships in USA


You want your American professional experience to be a ticket to a fast career highway? 

You would love to widen your horizons, go to the USA and learn from true experts who can educate and inspire you, leading you to greater opportunities in the future?

CAREER HIGHWAY can help you achieve your goals.

We match premium businesses and top-class students / young professionals together for the best possible fit. We help our candidates obtain their J-1 visa to allow them to legally work in the US.

With our expertise, we will guide you through this process step by step and make this challenging task as simple and fast as possible. 

We will fully assist you in exploring new possibilities for your professional and personal development. We will help you to identify the most beneficial internships best suited for your interests and future progress and efficiently support you in the fast processing of your J-1 intern visa. 

International interns need a J-1 visa which can only be acquired by meeting set criteria. You must either be a foreign national studying at a foreign degree-granting or certificate-granting academic institution, or a foreign person who has graduated from such an institution within the last year. Even if you have never graduated, but you have at least 5 years of experience in the industry, you are eligible for Trainee program. You must have a good level of Business English skills.

We focus on the top companies able to provide an excellent working environment for premium candidates who have the skills and goals to be the most effective interns. All our interns are fully paid.

Internships must be related to the academic studies pursued by the candidate or his/her professional experience and will last a maximum of 12 months.

Young people can experience working in American companies and organizations  related to Hospitality professions. This takes J-1 internship to another level as the skills and practical knowledge gained will be invaluable for your further career advancement.


CAREER HIGHWAY will guide you through the following steps:

 1. Prepare your application and your resume.

2. Secure your interview with premium host companies.

3. Elaborate your personal training plan with you and your employer.

4. Obtain all sponsorship documents and health insurance.

5. Assist you in your Embassy interview preparation.

6. Assist you with arrival and housing in the USA.

7. Be there for you during entire length of the program in the USA.


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