About Us


connects talented, motivated fresh graduates from all over the world with the Hospitality businesses offering paid internships in the USA. 

Our fourteen years

long experience in this field has forged our company’s profile as one of the leading service providers of this kind in the region. 

We are led by the principles of compassion and excellency, trust and reliability which determine all our actions.  Our mission is to help people advance on both sides of the “career highway”, helping both young motivated professionals worldwide to find the perfectly suited internships in the USA and the hosting companies in the USA to enhance their businesses thanks to the energy brought by the interns. We want to build bridges between different working practices, cultural experiences and knowledge exchange. 

We believe

that it is crucial to give young people a chance to acquire an experience abroad and thus contribute to a global exchange of professional and ethical values, and the creation of the new generation of the citizens of the world.