Welcome to Career Highway: Paving Your Path to Global Hospitality Success

Our Journey: From Experience to Expertise
Founded by Jake Kves and Nick Cubrilo, Career Highway began as a spark of ambition in the world of hospitality exchange. With roots in the successful work and travel business 'Experience' since 2005, we've honed our expertise in the J-1 exchange domain. In 2012, Career Highway emerged as a dedicated venture, initially focusing on Eastern Europe but soon expanding to Las Vegas, NV, in 2018 to recruit talented hospitality interns and trainees globally. Our 18-year journey has fostered deep connections with major sponsors and host companies in the USA, crafting a legacy of excellence and trust.

Our Mission and Vision: Bridging Worlds, Building Careers
At Career Highway, we're more than a recruitment agency; we're career architects. Our mission is to create a seamless bridge connecting ambitious, young professionals worldwide with top-tier hospitality internships in the USA. We envision a world where cultural exchanges and professional development go hand in hand, fostering a global community of skilled and ethically-driven hospitality leaders. Our vision is to lead the hospitality recruitment industry, setting the benchmark for excellence, compassion, and reliability.

Services: Crafting Your American Dream
Specializing in J-1 internship and training placements, we open doors to prestigious hotels and fine dining restaurants across the USA. Whether it's culinary arts, hotel management, or food and beverage services, we place dedicated personnel in environments where their talents can flourish and careers can skyrocket.

Our Experience: Your Advantage
With nearly two decades in the industry, our founders’ firsthand experience as J-1 exchange participants has given us a profound understanding of every aspect of this journey. This depth of knowledge ensures that we offer unparalleled guidance and support to each participant.

Our Impact: A Legacy of Success
Over the years, Career Highway has sent more than 10,000 participants on transformative journeys. Our alumni now hold management positions in global hotels, resorts, and restaurants, with some even pioneering their own businesses. We take pride in our contributions to the Department of State’s best practices and our active participation in major industry conferences and workshops.

Our Team: Compassion at Our Core
The heart of Career Highway beats in our dedicated team, spread across the USA and Europe. We are a family of professionals committed to nurturing each participant's potential, ensuring their journey with us is as rewarding as it is successful.

Our Future: Leading the Way in Hospitality Recruitment
Looking ahead, our goal is clear: to become the world’s leading hospitality recruiting company. We are committed to expanding our reach and services, continually evolving to meet the needs of a dynamic industry and a diverse clientele.

Join Us on the Career Highway
Embark on a journey that transcends borders and elevates careers. At Career Highway, we don’t just find you an internship; we pave the way for your future in the global hospitality industry.

Your Career Adventure Begins Here. Let's Drive it Forward Together.


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