Host international J-1 Interns



You have a temporary vacancy and would like to give a chance to a young motivated foreign national student or a young professional in the Hospitality field? You would like to host an international J-1intern in order to enrich your working environment and boost your business? 


can help you find the interns you need for your business from a selection of talented international hospitality students and young professionals who are eager to learn and work in the USA. There is no charge for you to pay for our recruiting service.

International interns offer numerous benefits for employers of all sizes, especially in the hospitality industry. Fresh ideas, keenness and willingness to learn of new talents ready to give their best for your business – what more could one ask for?

International students on a J-1 internship will arrive at your business as highly motivated individuals and will be able to offer their own perspective on your everyday working practices. This can be interesting and enriching, and may even help you to enhance your business and better understand foreign clients. The diversity that the international interns bring to the working environment will have a positive effect on everyone within your company.

We can help you choose the best candidate out of our pool of outstanding students from the prestigious academic institutions or young professionals worldwide. We will do the prescreening, select the applicants best suited to your vacant position and assist you in recruiting a perfect match for your company’s needs. 

To find out more and potentially partner with us as a host company, please get in touch today. We look forward to building a strong relationship with you now and in the future.

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